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Who Are We?

CPE is a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are dedicated to designing and installing top-of-the-line water filtration systems for commercial swimming pools.

We understand the importance of safety and reliability when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy swimming environment for your patrons. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to delivering the best results in every commercial swimming pool. Trust us to provide long-term solutions that exceed industry standards. 

Designing Better Pools

Common Issues

Most commercial pools are a maintenance headache, requiring consistent work and unresolved challenges preventing you from a crystal clear swimming pool.

Worsening pool water conditions and unsuspected algae growth may lead to cloudy, dull, hazy, opaque, and even green pool water.

The strong smell of chlorine can turn a fun experience into an unpleasant one with the lingering fear of potential health risks to patrons.

Inaccurately designed swimming pools become a disease ridden breading ground for bacteria, causing various symptoms such as sore throats, ear and eye infections, skin allergies, and more.

Common Causes

Badly designed commercial pools require huge amounts of time to maintain and become costly as they have not been engineered with precision.

Incorrect chemical dosing and guesswork will lead to continuous maintenance issues, as well as health and safety concerns.

The design has been done through uncalculated implementation with misaligned focus on the conditions of the swimming pool and the water being treated.

Poor hydrodynamics, undersized pumps and filters and lack of automation to facilitate the amount of water being treated.

We engineer systems that reduce maintenance time and cost, resulting in crystal clear water.

Swimming Pool

Monitoring, measuring instrumentation & automation to ensure correct water levels, backwash frequency & chemical levels are maintained.


Beginning each project with an engineered approach, calculated pipe, pump & filter sizing, and water flow based on European standards to ensure optimal hydrodynamics.

Engineered Solutions

Providing attentive after-sales service with a team dedicated to monitoring & maintaining your pool to ensure consistent quality and peace of mind.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with a safe and reliable commercial pool.

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Client Testimonial

Wynberg Girls’ High School (WGHS) is based in the Western Cape of South Africa – they are one of the oldest and most prestigious girls’ school in the country. The swimming pool is a beautiful feature of the school but has been a headache for the maintenance staff and has been very expensive to maintain. Issues that they often experienced included:

  • Constantly cloudy / murky swimming pool water 
  • Excessive chlorine levels left the pool unpleasant for swimmers 
  • Frequent breakdowns of pumps and leaks on filters 
  • Periodic algae blooms took painstaking time to rectify  



CPE Site Inspection Conclusions:

There was insufficient flow into the pool and poor mixing of the water.

The installed pump was outdated, inefficient, and roughly half the size required for the pool.

The filters installed were deteriorating and grossly undersized – about 1/3 of the recommended capacity.

The installed pipe diameter transporting water to and from the pump room was insufficient to transport the volume of water required.

Chemical was manually dosed and primarily informed by guesswork. 

Phases of Installation:

As a 1st phase, CPE installed an automated chemical dosing system that would constantly monitor and maintain the correct chemical balance of the pool. The results were immediate & remarkable– the pool was much clearer, and the upgrade achieved a 25% chemical saving.  

Following from this, the school approved phase 2 – a revamp of the pool pump room and pipework.  

  • CPE installed a 2nd pipeline to the pool, doubling the pipe capacity 
  • The new draw and delivery points were positioned to improve the pool water mixing and hydrodynamics 
  • New pumps & filter vessels were spec’d and installed to ensure the flow and filtration of water aligned to European DIN standards 

Based on the success of the 2nd phase, the school initiated a 3rd phase where CPE completed similar updates to the diving pool, located alongside the main swimming pool.  

The WGHS staff and swimmers are extremely happy about the improvements to their swimming pools. The project has saved them countless hours of maintenance, monthly chemical costs, as well as ensuring safe and pleasant swimming conditions for all involved.  

CPE have built a great relationship with WGHS and will continue to maintain the pool and equipment for years into the future.  

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